Sales and market conditions

Market Development

Initially it was a special Danish phenomenon to mix light aggregates into the asphalt. However, it quickly became prevalent abroad because of the obviously increased safety and comfort provided when driving on light roads, especially in dark and rainy weather.

Until the mid 80’s the asphalt road market was the largest business segment for Luxol. A 50% saving on electricity for street lighting and a doubling of the viewing distance on non-illuminated roads were the main selling points. However, the demand for Luxovit® for road paving in Denmark declined as the Danish Road Directorate's requirements for the lightness of road surfaces disappeared. On the other hand, the demand for light aggregates in other industries started increasing both in Denmark and abroad. Luxol has managed to enter the British market where the ceramic industry, the building industry and the market for decoration stones are the most important segments, and in Germany Luxovit® is still an important aggregate for the establishment of light road surfaces.


Today Luxovit® is sold to many different industries around the world - in 25 kg bags, in big bags or road tankers.

There is a big market for more customized solutions for use in technical industries such as road marking, white prefabricated concrete elements, industrial flooring, the resin industry and water filtration etc. More than 85% of Luxol’s turnover is generated in the export markets with the main customers being located in Germany, Sweden and the UK, but also distant markets in Asia, Africa and South America have in recent years shown an increasing interest in the unique characteristics of the Luxol products.