The old Næstved company Luxol started the production of calcined flint in Kløv Kær near Thisted in 1962. The production was based on a patent that the owner’s father, manufacturer Niels Thorvald Andersen, had obtained back in 1936. The patent included mixing of calcined flint into asphalt in order to provide light road surfaces. The product was called Luxovit®. 

From 1970 to 1999 Luxol was owned by Superfos Construction, which was subsequently sold to the Swedish road construction company NCC. NCC was the owner of the factory until 2006, when Luxol was purchased by the French construction group Gagneraud Construction.

The Gagneraud Group, founded in 1880, is a proud family-run business that is now owned and managed by the 5th and 6th generations. The Gagneraud Group has many different activities within the construction industry and counts more than 2,700 employees. The Group has a turnover of approx. 600 million Euro and includes 28 subsidiaries, including Luxol’s sister company Silmer, located on the northwestern coast of France.