In 1962 Luxol began the production of calcined flint.
It was based on a patent obtained by the owner back in the year 1936. The patent covered the mixing of calcined flint into the asphalt to provide light road surfaces. The product was named Luxovit®.

(Please see the description of the patent)

At first it was a Danish invention to mix light aggregates into the asphalt and because of the increased safety and comfort when driving under dark and wet conditions it became widespread in other countries.

Up till the mid 80’s the market for lightning roads was  very dominant. Savings up to 50% on electricity and a doubling of the viewing distance on the roads without road lightning.

Later on Luxol A/S managed to enter the British market where the ceramic industry, the building industry and the market for decoration stones were the main markets.

In the late 80s Luxol A/S started drying the Luxovit® in 25 kg bags, big bags or road tankers.

There is a big market for the narrow gradings used for the technical industries such as road marking, white prefabricated concrete elements, the industrial flooring and resin industry and water filtration among other Things.