Core Services

Luxol A/S produces and sells calcined flint to industrial customers worldwide.

Consistent, high quality:

Luxovit® is a strong, consistent and well-tested additive for use in many different industries. In order to ensure the best quality and the highest possible consistency, all stages of the production process are subject to a strict quality inspection. This applies to raw materials, the sorting process, the calcination, the sieving and the final Luxovit®.

Delivery safety:

Timely and accurate delivery is a matter of trust. We work with both local and international carriers, and internally we focus on maintaining a production plant and a workforce capable of ensuring that orders are delivered on time and in full.

Customer Service:

We offer customized products in the form of a wide range of different Luxovit® fractions from 0 – 8 mm. We deliver bulk in ships, trucks or road tankers and bagged products packed in 25 kg bags or big bags. We ensure that our customers receive all the expertise and advice they need in relation to the use of Luxovit®.


We have more than 50 years of experience in the production, sale and use of Luxovit®. Our know-how is integrated into all stages of the production process - from gravel to final quality control. We make our knowledge available through a professional sparring with customers, partners and suppliers to always achieve the best solutions.